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Social Media and NASCAR

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It’s not uncommon for a bunch of the guys in the neighborhood to get together to watch the Pittsburgh Penguins or the Pittsburgh Steelers. We sit, we watch, we smack talk, we complain about the announcers, we complain about the play calls, we high five. That’s exactly what sporting events are recreating with their social media tools.

 NASCAR is going social with the Daytona 500. Speed TV has launched it’s Social Garage where fans can interact via Facebook and Twitter.  Without leaving Speed TV’s web page, fans are able to experience the excitement generated around  NASCAR ‘s season kickoff event. Those of us sitting at home are able to get closer to the race as those at the race tweet from the events surrounding the Daytona. It’s just another brilliant way for  NASCAR to continue to build it’s brand, it’s following and it’s excitement.

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