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Leap Year is Like a Free Game!

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Back in my days at IUP I would go to the Student Union between classes to study (and take a power nap). In the Student Union was a pinball machine called Centigrade 37 made by Gottlieb (why do I remember that?). Once you racked up enough points you would win a a credit for another game. February 29th reminds me of a bonus game, it’s an extra day that is just given to us every four years. Whatever we do on that day is a bonus! It’s a day to gain bonus clients, gain bonus business, and an additional 24 hours of productivity to help skew my numbers for the better!

Consider this day as if you were Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day, except when you go to bed on February 28, you wake up and it’s not March 1 yet. It’s the last day of February again! A bonus game! So, what do you plan to do with your bonus day? It’s a day you won’t be given for another four years and it didn’t cost you a thing; a free 24 hours. Whether you gain a new client, make another sale, or have lunch with an old friend; remember it’s only 24 hours of bonus time. Make it productive and don’t waste it. Do they still have arcades?

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