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Entrepreneurs are All-In

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 I was watching Money Ball with my son last week and it occurred to me that Billy Beane was baseball’s entrepreneur. He thought he could create a product in a different and better way. He found a system he believed in and went “all-in” to see it through against the advice of everyone around him. Isn’t that what we do as entrepreneurs?


Small business owners don’t think like most people do. What others see as risky propositions, we see as unique opportunities. It is said that the definition of luck is when preparation meets opportunity. What others seeing as being lucky, entrepreneurs are seeing the culmination years of hard work, years of preparation, and, in many cases, years of failing forward, and years of believing in a vision…and another opportunity.


This issue of Dynamic Business is dedicated to those small business visionaries who are unique. They are not lucky, risk-takers. Yes, they believed in themselves and their vision, but what makes them truly unique is that they made that very difficult decision to take that first step into the unknown world of “all-in”. This journey comes along with all of the wonderful fringe benefits that all small business owners experience; sleepless nights, workdays longer than any previous job, strained cash flow, weekends on the clock, missing the family’s activities, and being accused of smart phone addiction because we need to be accessible.


Like Beane, we have those around us telling us how we need to…, how we should…, why we can’t…, when we should. All that we know and all that we are has gone into our product or offering. Small business owners are committed to the “all-in” concept. Every morning our feet hit the ground and we recommit to being “all-in” and face they day’s economic pressures, government pressures, regulatory pressures, competitive pressures, market pressures,  deadline pressures, payroll pressures, employee pressures, and the pressures of change.


In the move, Billy Beane asked his assistant Peter Brand “I think the question we should be asking is, do you believe in this thing or not?”  Small business owners have all looked in the mirror and asked that question and when the answer was “yes”, the hardest part was the decision Beane made as well;  “Now, we’re gonna see this thing through, for better or worse.”


On behalf of SMC Business Councils, I would like to congratulate and recognize small business owners for committing to being “All-In”. SMC is here to help you “see this thing through.”

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